We've paused billing for venues in England that had reopened after the original lockdown and will now have to close again. You won't be billed for November unless you choose to use crowdEngage to send messages to customers (for example, to notify them of cancellations via text).

There are a couple of important things to do in the crowdEngage dashboard to make sure you're set for lockdown.

Mark performances as cancelled

The first and most important thing to do is cancel performances that won't be going ahead in the ticketing system. In Spektrix, there is a "Cancelled" checkbox against each instance. Make sure this is checked, either individually or using the Bulk Instance Updater.

Marking instances as cancelled will prevent crowdEngage from automatically sending out tickets and messages for these performances.

Remove menus from future shows

If you have preorder menus attached to future performances, you can leave these in place but it does mean that your report recipients will receive emails every time a menu closes, even if there are no orders.

To avoid receiving these emails, you can either remove these menus from the instances in crowdEngage manually or drop the support team a line and we can do for you en masse.

Cancellations and encouraging returns to credit or donation

crowdEngage has a built-in cancellation tool which allows you to text customers and prompts them to choose between a refund, credit or donation when returning their tickets for a cancelled show. Customers' responses are listed in the crowdEngage dashboard for processing by box office staff.

Although we are not charging any base fees for venues that are closed, this feature would incur a reduced charge in order to cover the costs of sending these messages. Please contact crowdEngage support for details and to make sure everything is set up correctly.

I know that closing down your venue again will come as a huge blow, but I hope you're well and managing to keep spirits up nevertheless.

If there's anything we can help with, or if you'd just like to run ideas past someone, please do let us know. We're always here for a chat!

We've been working on some new preorder features to help generate additional revenue and make the process smoother for both staff and customers. We'll continue to work on these and other features in preparation for your reopening - please do keep us posted on your plans.

Hugh Topping
Founder, crowdEngage