Hassle-free contact tracing data collection

Hassle-free contact tracing data collection

Theatres and attractions up and down the country were able to open from last week. Some are opening their doors straight away; others are busy planning to open over the next few months. It’s good news for audiences and the industry - and at crowdEngage we’ve got good news too.

Simplifying contact data capture for every customer

While you’ve been planning to welcome audiences back, we’ve developed a new feature to help with contact tracing, a new requirement of the government for all live events.

While you could ask every member of your audience (not just the booker) to scan a QR code on arrival, or even complete a form, this is going to hold things up, however much you’ve asked people to arrive in a timed slot.

No extra data capture required

The new feature on crowdEngage removes the need for any data capture on arrival. Instead, as part of the mobile tickets sent out on the day of the performance, each ticket holder is requested to add their name and contact number before accessing their ticket.

The lead booker can enter contact information for all members of their party or, using the ticket-sharing function, each person can add their individual details.

This means that, on arrival, staff can be confident that contact details have been recorded before scanning in the ticket.

The contact list is stored by crowdEngage for 21 days following the performance, before automatically being deleted.

crowdEngage clients are already using this new feature to safely welcome back audiences. Want to know more? Get in touch.